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Non-Member CPD Enrolment (NMCPD) Application Form 2018

You may join the NMCPD Program by completing the application form available here

CPD new cycle

Posted 21st December 2017

Please note that the scheduled rollover of all successful CPD triennial candidates will occur late-January.

Your new diary will not be available for lodging credits for the New Year until this time.

Reminder - CPD Compliance 31 December 2017
Posted 30th October 2017

A reminder to those whose CPD cycle concludes at the end of this year to lodge all your CPD activities in the CPD platform before midnight 31st December 2017 EST.

10% of CPD participants in this cycle will be selected for random audit.  Audit Emails will be sent on Friday 29th December 2017 to those selected (please check your spam).

The office will be closed from Friday 22nd December 2017 and reopen on Tuesday 2nd January 2018.

If you require assistance with lodgement or password updates, please contact helpcpd@asmirt.org before 12pm Friday 22nd December EST



CPD audit participants

The 2016 audit is currently underway. Please be patient as we work through the large numbers of participants this year.

When your audit is completed, you will be notified by email.

We anticipate that audits will be completed by the end of the month. We thank you for your patience.

CPD Cycle Conclusion 31 December 2016

Those enrolled in the CPD cycle which concluded on 31 December 2016 who have met the CPD requirements for compliance are advised that the rollover into a new CPD triennium will take place at the end of this month, 31 January 2017.

A current Statement of Compliance along with a membership certificate will also be available via the secure login portal, under the CPD section – “Certificates”.

This Statement of Compliance will be available from 01 February 2017 for downloading.

The opportunity is still available for those who have not lodged sufficient credits for CPD compliance to do so.

10% of ASMIRT CPD participants selected for audit have been notified and are excluded from this automated rollover.

If you have any questions or require assistance please do not hesitate to contact helpcpd@asmirt.org

CPD Participants in Cycle 23 – ASMIRT Audit / 2016 Triennium conclusion / 2017 Appellations - January 2017

Audit letters have been sent to participants in the above cycles for a random audit. Please find the checklist here to assist you compile your documentation.

As audits are completed, participants will be sent a letter to their listed addresses.

If successful, a new triennium will appear in your records and a renewed Certificate of Compliance will appear in the “certificate” section of the members area.

Lodgement of activities for 2017 will not be available until successful conclusion of the audit.

Those who have successfully completed their triennium will be able to access the 2017 lodgement and “Certificate of Compliance” by end of January 2017.

New 2017 appellated activities for appellation holders will not be available for selection until individual organisations have successfully completed the renewal process.


CPD Participants in Cycle 21, 22 and 23 – ASMIRT Audit / 2014 Triennium conclusion / 2015 Appellations - January 2015

Audit letters have been sent to participants in the above cycles for a random audit. As audits are completed, participants will be sent a letter to their listed addresses.

If successful, a new triennium will appear in your records and a renewed Statement of Accreditation will appear in the “online VSOA” section of the members area.

Lodgement of activities for 2015 will not be available until successful conclusion of the audit.

Those who have successfully completed their triennium will be able to access the 2015 lodgement and “online VSOA” by Friday 16 January 2015.

New 2015 appellated activities for appellation holders will not be available for selection until individual organisations have successfully completed the renewal process. 

Lodgement of 2014 Appellated activities - January 2015

All 2014 appellations have expired and are no longer available in the members area for selection. For lodgement purposes, please select a non-appellated activity and record your appellated number in the personal notes section. It is strongly recommended that you lodge your activities as close to the date of undertaking the activity, so that you do not miss the yearly expiry dates.



CPD Participants in Cycle 21, 22 and 23 - Update your Records - September 2014

With the recent AHPRA audit that has occurred, this is a timely reminder to all CPD participants in Cycle 21,22 and 23 to update their CPD records as soon as possible.

Those in cycle 21 will be concluding on 31/12/14.

AHPRA CPD Audit Participants - August 2014

A random audit of CPD participants is in progress by AHPRA. To obtain the required documentation from the ASMIRT CPD  members area, please review the following information

CPD Audit: New Feature

Changes to CPD program for ASAR participants - April 2014

At its meeting of 1 February 2014, the Australian Sonographer Accreditation Registry (ASAR) Stakeholder Advisory Committee agreed that the Australian Society of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy (ASMIRT) CPD program has been recognised by ASAR. As such, sonographers on the ASAR register who nominate with ASAR to undertake the ASMIRT CPD program are bound by the rules and regulations of the ASMIRT CPD program. 

There is no transfer of points.

ASAR will contact the ASMIRT to seek a "Passed" or "Failed" result for the sonographers who have completed their ASAR triennium and have nominated the ASMIRT CPD program. The sonographers need to comply with the nominated CPD programs rules and regulations, which also include the audit process.

Therefore there will no longer be the requirement to fulfil the ASAR CPD program of 40 CPD credits in each triennium or lodge in the specified 13 broad groups of activities as listed on the ASAR website. These ASAR activities will be removed off the ASMIRT CPD non-appellated list as of 14 April 2014.

Participants will instead be required to fulfil the ASMIRT CPD requirements alone. Under this new program, the 50 points per year in the ASMIRT’s program equates to 20 hours required by the MRPBA. 

As previously agreed, sonographers who fail to comply with their nominated CPD program, default to the ASAR CPD default program. After successful completion of the ASAR CPD default program they can nominate a CPD program of their choice again. 

An annual audit of 10% of ASMIRT CPD participants who have completed their triennium is undertaken. ASAR requests to be notified of those sonographers who are randomly selected for audit and the result of that subsequent audit. 

This recognition by ASAR should now make the CPD process more streamlined and easier for those sonographer/radiographers undertaking the ASMIRT CPD program.

CPD audit participants


A random audit of a large number of CPD participants is still in progress. As audits are completed, participants will be sent a letter to their listed addresses.

If successful, a new triennium will appear in your records and a renewed Statement of Accreditation will appear in the “online VSOA” section of the members area.

Lodgement of activities for 2014 will not be available until successful conclusion of the audit.

New CPD Cycle Open

Those individuals who have met the requirements of the CPD/VSoA triennium which concluded on 31 December 2013 are now able to submit CPD claims for the 2014 - 2016 triennium.

Please note that as appellation requests are being reviewed and processed, some appellation numbers will not be available for selection at present.

We appreciate your patience as these are uploaded into the system.

New electronic copies of Validated Statement’s of Accreditation are now available via the secure login portal, under the CPD section – “Online VSoA”.

Paper copies of revalidated accreditation certificates will not be posted by default, however the most current certificate will always be available electronically via your secure login.

If you do require a paper copy of your current accreditation certificate, please email certification@asmirt.org and we will be happy to post a certificate out to you.

CPD Audit for Triennium concluding 31 December 2013 

As the most recent CPD triennium concluded on 31 December 2013, a random audit of the credit claims submitted by 10% of participants will be conducted shortly. Audit candidates will be sent letters and copies of their CPD records from 6 January 2014 for this CPD cycle.

If your letters show zero CPD credits, it is your responsibility to send in a manual/electronic CPD activity log along with corresponding supporting evidence.

The audit process, with its implicit requirements of evidence to support all credit claims, ensures that the rules are applied wholly and fairly in every case.

As the selection of participants for an audit is a random process, there could be instances where you are audited in successive years. Please note that CPD is a requirement of being an AHPRA registered practitioner. As a participant in the ASMIRT CPD programme, it is a requirement and responsibility to submit your evidence for review and assessment.

This auditing process will also assist in demonstrating to the National Board that the standards of the profession are of high quality.

Thank you to those members who have already submitted their evidence for review.

Once your audit documentation has been reviewed and validated, you will be sent written confirmation (via email) of your successful completion of the audit to your listed email address in the Member’s Profile.

Online CPD Submissions - Late December 2013/Early January 2014 & CPD/VSoA Triennium Ending 31 December 2013

Dear Members/CPD Non-Members

The CPD Cycle 20 expired on 31 December 2013. As with the end of all large CPD triennium cycles, there has been an intense degree of activity surrounding CPD submissions in the closing days of the year ending December 2013. The volume of activity and member/CPD non-member access peaked to such a level that it initiated a webserver slow down which caused member login difficulties, resulting in many members finding themselves unable to gain access to the online CPD submission portal. We apologize that this occurred. Compounding the problem in the first six days of 2014, a technical glitch in our database effectively denied member/CPD non-member access to the online CPD portal. The cause of this problem has now been identified and fully corrected. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Members/CPD Non-Members are encouraged to continue to insert their CPD entries via the online portal https://members.asmirt.org (username & password required) on a regular and timely basis rather than waiting until the very last moment. Not only will this avoid overloading the system but it also ensures that all your CPD is recorded while it is fresh in your mind. Those individuals whose CPD/VSoA triennium concluded on 31 December 2013 are encouraged to submit any final CPD claims for this triennium before the triennium is rolled over to the new cycle at the end of January 2014.

Whilst the CPD Department remains very busy at this time of year, members/CPD non-members with any questions or concerns are encouraged to contact the office via the following means, email:helpcpd@asmirt.org or telephone: 03 9419 3336. Again, due to the very high number of enquiries at this busy time, please excuse any delays in response to email enquiries.

A message to all those who are in the CPD Triennium Cycle 20 that concludes 31/12/2013

Please ensure that all your CPD is uploaded into the members area prior to the 31/12/13.

Letters will be sent to those who will be audited from the 6th January 2014.

If you require assistance with lodging your CPD, please contact the ASMIRT office as soon as possible.

The staff will only be available until 23/12/2013 when the national office closes for the Christmas break.

CPD Call-in Hours - November 2013

In order to better assist you manage your CPD needs, the CPD department will now take calls in block periods of time from 8.30 – 10.30am and 1.30 – 3.30pm daily. Calls outside this period of time will be prioritised in the sequence in which they arrive, and staff will return calls during the above block periods. To expedite these queries, please use the email address helpcpd@asmirt.org.

Appellation Update - September 2013

For departments currently holding appellations valid until 31st December 2013:

Please be advised that the changes to the appellation program have been slightly delayed. We anticipate that the complete appellation package will be emailed to you on 30th September 2013.

This package will include a document on how to use the system, an appellation approval letter, certificate template, attendance spreadsheet and appellation logo/s.

In addition, this package will also have the dates of when your next round of appellation templates will be required for submission in preparation for the 2014 year.

Your patience is much appreciated and we look forward to assisting you with further questions that you may have on this new program.

Records for amendment - September 2013

From the 1st July, we have had a continuous series of questions from individual practitioners who forgot to submit their CPD prior to roll over. For practitioners who would like a complete record of their CPD, you will have an opportunity until Friday 13th September 2013 to submit all your outstanding credits prior 30th June, so that your records can be amended. Please send these records in to helpcpd@asmirt.org with the subject line Records for amendment.

After this date, previous CPD undertaken and not recorded electronically will need to be self-managed in your own CPD portfolio. Your electronic portfolio will reflect the time period that no lodgements were made, and these will need to be supported by a complete CPD portfolio which includes all the activities and certificates of evidence to support your claims in the case of audit.

Remember that evidence needs to be retained for a period of four years. CPD evidence is mandatory as of 1st July 2013.

Changes to CPD Credit Requirements - June 2013

Changes to the CPD program are scheduled for implementation on 1st July. Credit requirements will change as of this date. Members who are currently registered in a CPD cycle need to ensure that all current credits are lodged before the rollover using the current CPD guide and credit framework in the member’s area. Please note that credits attained under this current system will not be able to be lodged once the rollover has occurred.

For participants who are enrolled in Cycle 20, your cycle commenced on 1st January 2011 and concludes on 31st December 2013. Please find your CPD credit requirements outlined in the diagram below.

CPDCredits (cms_files/images/CPDCredits.jpg)

For those in CPD cycles following this, you are required to lodge 31 credits in 2013 and 50 credits for each year following from 2014. For more information, please review the ASMMIRT CPD presentation and other educational resources - available online here

An educational webinar on the new look portal for members and non-member CPD participants will be delivered on Wednesday 26th June at 12.30pm EST for approximately 1 hour. Recordings of this webinar will be available in the members' area post-event. To register for the event, please email events@asmirt.org with your name and contact details. 

Please email through any queries you have relating to this webinar to helpcpd@asmirt.org.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

CPD/VSoA Triennium Renewals - Cycles Ending 31 December 2012.

For those members who have met the CPD requirements for the most recently expired CPD cycle (ending 31/12/2012) and have not been selected for audit, we wish to advise that your Validated Statement of Accreditation (VSoA) has been renewed for the new triennium, commencing on 1 January 2013.

Database records have been updated and CPD activities can now be lodged in the new CPD triennium cycle (22) via the secure online CPD lodgement portal at the following address: https://members.asmirt.org with your usual login credentials.

An electronic copy of the Validated Statement of Accreditation is now available via the secure login portal, under the CPD section – “Online VSoA”. Paper copies of your revalidated accreditation certificate will not be posted by default, however the most current certificate will always be available electronically via your secure login.

If a paper copy of your current accreditation certificate is required, please email certification@asmirt.org and a certificate will be posted out to you. If you have any queries or questions please do not hesitate to email Patricia Fanning at helpcpd@asmirt.org or alternatively via telephone on 03 9419 3336. 

CPD Audit - Cycle 19, 20 & 21

Audit letters have been sent to 10% of CPD participants in Cycle 19, 20 and 21. Those who have not been sent an audit letter will have their Validated Statement of Accreditation rolled over, if they have met all the CPD requirements. This will occur approximately late January or early February. When this roll over occurs, a new cycle will appear in the members area, and CPD credits can then be lodged for the 2013 year.

Electronic statements can be found in the members area. Hardcopy certificates will no longer be posted out unless requested. If you wish to obtain a hardcopy please email certification@asmirt.org to request a copy.


MRPBA - Assessment of ASMIRT CPD Program

At its meeting of 22 May 2012 the Board (MRPBA) considered the submission and determined that the ASMIRT's CPD Program meets the Board's requirements. The Board has therefore approved the ASMIRT's CPD Program.

The CPD Program (revision as released in June 2011) is currently being reviewed by participants in the CPD pilot Programme. Feedback from this pilot will be circulated as we transition through this new program and further information is released to all CPD participants

Please click here to view the presentation delivered at the Sydney ASMMIRT regarding changes to the ASMIRT CPD Program and the pilot program.

Until the program changes, please continue with the present scheme of accrual of 12 credits per annum / 36 credits per triennium.

For members who have utilised the previous and also current credit framework as available for lodgement in the system, all credits will remain in your records.

The original credit recognition framework has been reinstated to record at the rate of  CATEGORY A credits at 1 credit per hour, or as stipulated in the CPD Guide and on the logo of meeting/seminar/workshop/conference attended.

All CATEGORY B credits are accrued at 0.5 credits per hour.

The Australian Society of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy (ASMIRT) Continuing Professional Development (CPD) program commenced in 1999. CPD helps to benefit practitioners, their patients and the public through a better educated, better trained and more proficient workforce.

Participants can claim CPD credits for a vast array of activities; from more formal programs such as conference attendance, workshop participation or the completion of further education; to informal CPD activities such as self directed learning and critical reflection about clinical experiences.   

Enrolment in the CPD program is provided as a component of membership of the ASMIRT; other MRS practitioners may also participate through either the corporate sponsorship program or non-member enrolment. 

It is the firm belief of the ASMIRT that active participation in CPD by Medical Radiation Science practitioners benefits the participant as well as their patients and the wider community.

Guide to CPD Online 

Please click on the following link to access a tutorial on how to lodge credits in the online CPD portal. 

WEBINAR - 17 July 2013 - Appellation Process & Requirements *NEW*

A webinar was conducted on 17/7/13 detailing the appellation process and requirements. This 45 minute presentation details these changes and questions regarding the new CPD program in general.

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