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Certificate of Clinical Proficiency in Mammography (CCPM)

There are two levels of certification in Mammography.  To gain a Certificate of Clinical Proficiency in Mammography (CCPM) the applicant must have undertaken an ASMIRT credentialed mammography course. The application must be made on the appropriate form, which can be accessed below.  The certification is for 3 years.

Renewal of the Certification needs to be on the appropriate form and accompanied by the necessary documents (highlighting mammography activities) to demonstrate satisfactory Continuing Professional Development (CPD) within the speciality, in addition to satisfactory demonstration of relevant clinical involvement in breast mammography.

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Advanced Breast Imaging Certificate (ABIC)

A Radiographer holding a current certificate of Clinical Proficiency in Mammography (CCPM) may apply for the Advanced Breast Imaging Certificate (ABIC) if they fulfil the requirements. As with the other levels of certification, the application must be made on the appropriate application form.


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* ASMIRT Financial Members New are in their first year of Professional membership and enjoy limited benefits.
**ASMIRT Financial Members Full have been members for more than 12 months and enjoy full benefits
*** ASMIRT CPD Members are enrolled in ASMIRT’s CPD program
****Non ASMIRT Members are candidates who do not hold any category of membership with ASMIRT.

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CCPM - Application Form 

CCPM Renewal- Application Form 

ABIC - Application Form



CCPM and ABIC Policies and Procedures

CCPM Renewal Update (New - Jan 2016)

Breast Imaging Policy (PAEB) - (New - July 2015)


All documents listed are published in PDF format.